Biotique Hair Color Review 2022

It is always a good decision to check the review of the product before you buy it. Hence, we are here with the Biotique Hair Color Review. We’ve reviewed both the color black and the color brown for you.

Our Reviews

Biotique Hair Color Black

Why is it recommended?

Natural ingredients are- black tea+ hibiscus color enhancer + shikakai moisturizes and adds shine to the hair+ calendula rich in flavonoids and essential +nillini intensifies colors, purifying agent+tesu enhances and naturally color thae hair+bhringraj strengthens + argan oil + avocado oil

The Biotique Hair Color is well received by most reviewers on Amazon. Two-thirds give a good to a very good rating. A little more than half of the users even rated it with the top rating of five stars. The long-lasting color, the simple operation and the beautiful color results are praised. But almost a quarter is disappointed with the Biotique hair color. The coloration continues to color for weeks or has not reached the desired shade, say the critics.

Our Reviews

Biotique Hair Color Brown

Why is it recommended?

Natural ingredients: the 9 organic herbal extracts, specifically selected to nourish and protect your hair and scalp, enhance your hair’s colour intensity and leave you with natural. Multi application natural and healthy shine vibrant, rich long-lasting colour your colour is rich and deep, your hair looks, beautiful and healthy.

The users say that the Biotique hair color is easy to apply and wash out. The paint does not splash and leaves brilliant shades. Black coloring succeeds without a Brown tinge, it is said. The reviewers are particularly convinced of the long durability of the color. Even after 20 washes, the hair still appears to shine like immediately after dyeing. You only have to recolor the roots and gray hair is also covered perfectly, the reviewers rejoice.

Biotique Hair Color Black Review

Below are the top 5 reviews of Biotique Hair Color Black on Amazon.

  1. I got one item delivered which is a damaged/broken bottle without liquid. All liquid went out on your packing box. The item name is – Biotique 2 Herbcolor No Ammonia Conditioning Hair Color (1n Natural Black, 50 g + 110ml).
  2. Good one.
  3. This product is too good. Used a lot of other brands, the search ends with Biotique!
  4. Good.
  5. The product is good just like other hair colors. But I found it misleading on part of the manufacturers to have advertised this product as 100% natural. It contains PPD is the most common chemical used in hair colors worldwide. The Caution and declaration parts on the cover save them from any legal responsibility.

Biotique Hair Color Brown Review

Below are the top 5 reviews of Biotique Hair Color Brown on Amazon.

  1. After years of using indigo, I was never satisfied, took a chance with ordering this herbal color.. it gave me no allergy, the color was dark in 20 mins. as of now, I am really happy I found this. am sure the boutique maintains its standards. am now sold on this. thx amazon.
  2. It is not a 100% herbal product. It has many chemicals including p-phenylenediamine which is hazardous, with added 9 herbs. The seller displays a picture of herbs only. Nothing about all ingredients. And no details of artificial chemicals in the description. They should display images of all facets of the product box. It should be categorized as CHEMICALS BASED WITH ADDED HERBS. I felt cheated when the product was delivered.
  3. Best product. Value for money. Very easy to use. It is not dripping. Easy to wash. The conditioner is awesome. It gives the hair silky even though feels sticky like oiled hair after washing This product doesn’t make the hair very dry or itchy scalp. Color retains for more than 3 weeks. (25 days) I will buy only this product. The same conditioner should be available easily in the open market also.
  4. Superb results😊 while applying this I was worried about any kind of allergy but thanks to Biotic because it is fantastic.No infection or allergy and it helped me to hidden all my grey hair. Thanks again.
  5. I am highly disappointed with this product. I was so happy to buy this product as it’s ammonia-free. I already use products from this brand. So I thought the hair color will be also of good quality. But I regret buying this product. After using the color, it starts coming out in just 3 days. And it’s written on the product that the color stays for some 20+ washes. This is just a pure LIE. I was recommending the product to my family also as it is herbal and ammonia-free. But now I feel bad to do this. This product is not worth it.

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